16-Year-Old Girl Designed Yuru-Chara for Local Flower Festival

Local high school girl made her debut as character designer

Yuru-Chara stands for "Yurui character", it means "loose character" in Japanese. Many cities and festivals make their own Yuru-Chara to introduce their local specials and to promote their events nowadays. The trend has also created tremendous opportunities for young character creators/designers in Japan. Yuki Fukushina, a 16-year-old high school girl in Jouge high school of Hiroshima Prefecture, must be the youngest lucky one.


Her designed "Ayame-chan" wearing traditional kimono was selected for the official Yuru-Chara of the 39th Jouge Ayame Matsuri. The festival promoting the local specialty flower Ayame (Siberian iris) has been held at Shikinosato Park in Fuchu-city, Hiroshima, from June 16 to July 1. Ayame-chan is featured in various places in the event. How much royalty will the 16-year-old designer get?


Yuki Fukushina and her Ayame-chan


Ayame-chan at the entrance of the festival


Ayame-chan's "Welcome!" POP at the souvenir store


Various Ayame-chan goods on sale


Ayame-chan promotes a music event


Source: Hiroshima News Tabetainger, Sanyo Shimbun

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