Two Meter Tall Ultimate Madoka Statue Blesses Exhibit

Tokyo Observatory in Roppongi Hills hosts first stop on tour

Through November 4th, Tokyo Observatory in Roppongi Hills is hosting the first stop on the tour a Madoka Magica exhibit, featuring over 800 pieces of production art, life sized magical girl figures in its associated cafe and a two meter tall statue of Ultimate Madoka.


Future stops on the tour include Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka.




Production art


Life sized blown up art





Life sized figures in cafe


cafe meals


Desert Witch Curry


Mami's Tea Party Cake With Soul Gem Jellies


Homura's shield shepard's pie


QB Amman and Madoka Tart


Theme drinks and coasters


Gift Shop



via Matomagi Natalie and Animate


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