"Fate/hollow ataraxia" PS Vita Port to Feature Tower Defense Game

ufotable to animate new opening for visual novel port

Fate/hollow ataraxia, the visual novel sequel set half a year after Fate/stay night, is set for release on PS Vita in a port featuring touch-screen support, full voice acting, a new ufotable opening, and mini-games including the new tower defense Capsule Servant


In this, you choose elementary school-age Shiro (easy) or Rin (difficult), then use summoned servants to defend your tower and take out the opponent's.


Character design is by Medori, with contributions from ufotable, CHAN×CO, experience point, Yukio Hirai and Baguette.


Player character masters:


Shiro - Noriaki Sugiyama 

Rin - Kana Ueda


Enemy masters

Sakura - Noriko Shitaya 


Shinji - Hiroshi Kamiya 


Luvia - Shizuka Ito



From the visual novel...


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