Latest "One Piece" Ichiban Kuji Prizes Featuring Three Brothers

Figures, blanket, posters, key holders, mugs, and towels

Banpresto (Bandai Namco group) will start a new session of their popular lottery series Ichiban Kuji featuring One Piece's three brothers: Portgas D. Ace, Moneky D. Luffy, and Sabo, titled "Atsuki Kizuna-hen" (Hot Bond edition) late this month. The prize lineup includes detailed character figures, deformed figures, blanket, posters, key holders, and mugs. The price of the ticket is 620 yen, and it will be available at major Japanese convenience store chains: Lawson, CircleK Sunkus, Family Mart, Mini Stop, and Daily Yamazaki, with hobby shops and Jump Shop stores in Japan.



Prize A: Sabo figure Mere Mera ver.   (21cm tall)



Prize B: Ace figure  (21cm tall)

Prize C: Blanket  (100cm)

Prize D: Long posters  (100cm)

Prize E: Card stand figures  (9cm)

Prize F: Memory rubber key holders  (24cm)

Prize G: Chikai no Mug Cups

Prize H: Clear posters (B3 size)

Prize I: Hand towels  (30cm)

Last one Prize: Sabo figure (different pose)

Source: Banpresto


© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha. Fuji TV, Toei Animation

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