Sion Sono Returns to His Surreal, Violent Roots with "Tag"

7th film to adapt Yusuke Yamada's 2001 novel "Real Onigokko"


Prolific director Sion Sono is returning to his surreal, violent roots with his upcoming film, Real Onigokko, known internationally as Tag.


Tag is the 7th film to adapt Yusuke Yamada's 2001 Real Onigokko novel, which features ordinary people inexplicably beset from all sides by murderous forces. In the novel, people with the family name of Sato were targeted, but since this is Sion Sono directing there's a twist: instead of people named Sato, the targets are exclusively high school girls.


Check out the trailer if you dare:




Tag hits Japanese cinemas on July 11, 2015.




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