Elementary School Girls Save the Day in "Mitsuboshi Colors" Anime

Adaptation based on short-form comedy manga by Katsuwo will feature animation by Silver Link

Mitsuboshi Colors, a short-form comedy manga by Katsuwo about a trio of elementary school girls who form a secret club dedicated to protecting the peace of the city of Ueno (at least until the sun goes down), is being adapted into an anime.



Although the exact format of the anime adaptation has not yet been revealed, the main staff for the adaptation have been announced, including:


  • Original work: Mitsuboshi Colors by Katsuwo (published by ASCII Media Works in their Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh shōnen manga magazine)
  • Director: Tomoyuki Kawamura
  • Series composition: Shogo Yasukawa
  • Character design: Takumi Yokota
  • Animation production: Silver Link



The main cast of Mitsuboshi Colors includes Yūki Takada as Yui, Marika Kōno as Sacchan, and Natsumi Hioka as Kotoha. An official website and Twitter feed (@3boshi_anime) have also been published for the project.


Source: Comic Natalie


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