Tamio Okuda to Perform Japanese Theme for "Cars 3"

"Unicorn" and "Lazy" collaborator will be working on Japanese release of Disney/Pixar film.

Disney and Pixar have massive appeal worldwide, and international releases of their films give artists in other countries a chance to shine on their soundtracks. The upcoming Cars threequel will be no exception, as singer/songwriter Tamio Okuda has stepped up to provide the main theme for the film's Japanese release.



Cars 3, which will be released in Japan under the title Cars/Crossroad, returns to the story of Lightning McQueen (dubbed in Japan by voice actor Hiroshi Tsuchida) as he recovers from a crash. Okuda's song, titled "Engine," reflects on coming to a crossroads in one's life and overcoming challenges. He also looks forward to going to the theater and seeing the story unfold on the big screen for himself.


Okuda was originally a member of the band Unicorn before starting his solo career. He occasionally collaborates with the remaining members of Lazy (including JAM Project lead Hironobu Kageyama) on current projects. Giant robot fans will have heard him as part of "Ultimate Lazy for Mazinger," the name of the group created to perform the Shin Mazinger themes.


Cars 3 comes out in the US on June 16, and in Japan on July 15.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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