Wear Your Survey Corps Love with "Attack on Titan" Accessories

SuperGroupies is back with high-fashion goods for anime fans


No anime announcement is complete these days without a fashionable turn from SuperGroupies! The company that equates anime with fashion is famous for reimagining characters' clothing and image colors as daily wear.


Their latest set of products features bracelet, watch, and purse accessory sets inspired by the stars of Attack on Titan.

The "Eren Model" goods have a brown and maroon focus, with his name on the bracelet's gold charm.



The "Levi Model" line is accentuated with black and green notes. Both feature the Survey Corps logo integrated into the basic design, with a brick wall pattern on the watch faces.


Watches are 14,800 yen each, bracelets are 6,800 yen each, and purses are 9,800 yen each.


>> SuperGroupies Attack on Titan Product Page

>> Watch Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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