Unfinished Akira Game Boy Prototype Sells on eBay for $2,700

One lucky bidder walks away with four unfinished builds of the cancelled game


With Akira back in the news in light of a potential adaptation, some fans are looking back on the adaptation that almost happened: a cancelled Super Game Boy release with only a few playable builds out in the world. But one lucky fan scored a set of four on eBay, courtesy of a YouTuber who first brought the various builds to light.


Patrick Scott Patterson ran Video Game Preservation, a project currently on indefinite hiatus, devoted to obtaining and preserving lesser-known video game projects. In 2016, Patterson obtained a set of undumped cartridges for Nintendo's cancelled Akira Game Boy adaptation. In addition to showing the game off at local events, he made a YouTube video showing off the incomplete game:



Initially, according to Patterson on the video, the intent had been to use the various cartridges to assemble a playable version of the game for posterity. However, the set of four cartridges recently cropped up on eBay under the name of his new business venture, We Got One. The "pickers"-style business hosts a massive inventory of books, furniture, and collectibles... including some of Video Game Preservation's past finds.



Addressing fans of the project's concerns re: the auction, Patterson says in the eBay listing: "The decision was made to take the archive project back to it's [sic] original intent only, as it is not as time sensitive, and to find new homes for items like these, especially with so many people today doing wonderful things in that space."


Bids started at one shiny penny, but quickly escalated. 37 bids later, the winner obtained the lot for $2,729. There's no telling what the buyer will do with them, but we'll be keeping our eyes out for a playable build as Patterson originally hoped for. Just in case.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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