Take Note of These Stylish Classic Dragon Ball Moleskine Notebooks

Collaboration features classic Toriyama illustrations from the original saga


If your love of Dragon Ball goes way back to the early days of Goku's saga, you're going to want a special place to write all about it. Enter a new collaboration from Moleskine, which is putting out special Dragon Ball-themed notebooks featuring classic Toriyama art—most of which looks to be taken directly from the anime adaptation—along with a bookmark and sticker pack for each book.


Goku, Shenron, Master Roshi, Bulma, Oolong, and other timeless DB characters are emblazoned on the notebooks, which also have an expandable back pocket with Dragon Radars and Capsule Corp art. They'll run you $30 a pop through Moleskine's online shop, and you can see how they look below.



Via Hypebeast




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