Pre-Register to Collect All Your Favorite Love Live! Idols in New Mobile Game

New PV for Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS with in-game footage was released showing some classic jams

Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS 

On September 17, an App Store and Google Play page appeared for the successor to Love Live!’s hit mobile game, Love Live! School Idol Festival, with a new PV, in-game images and a tentative release date of September 30 for Japan. The game was said to launch in Fall 2019, so this date would fit perfectly within that time frame.



Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS introduces us to Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, with 9 new idols to dote over. 3 of the new girls were old ‘N’ cards from the original game, and 6 are brand new characters. They get to interact with μ's from Love Live! and Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine!! in brand new, fully-voiced, segments. 


ALL STARS uses gameplay elements from School Idol Festival, mixes in visuals from the arcade version, Love Live! School idol festival ~after school ACTIVITY~, and does a little of its own thing.


Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS


The App’s pages feature images of older ‘UR’ cards with new designs, as well as the ones voted on by fans a while back. Players of the older School Idol Festival game can use the same log-in with ALL STARS and receive some in-game benefits.


Head over to the App’s page on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to pre-register your interest in the game. No date has been announced for an English version of the game.


Source: Otakomu


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