JAniCA and Yahoo! Japan to Close Donations Towards Kyoto Animation Arson on February 29

The Yahoo! Net Fund was set up on July 26, 2019

JAniCA and Yahoo! Japan announced on February 17 that donations towards supporting Kyoto Animation through the Yahoo! Net Fund would close on February 29 as Kyoto Animation and the Kyoto Prefectural Government closes the bank accounts that have been accepting donations from the public.


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It’s been over 7 months since the arson attack on Kyoto Animation on July 18, killing 36 and injuring 33 employees of the beloved anime studio. On July 26, JAniCA (Japanese Animation Creators Association) and Yahoo! Japan collaborated to set up a "Kyoto Animation Support Fund" through the Yahoo! Net Fund website and, as of reporting, has collected 67,869,341 yen (US$616,592) from 73,991 people.


JAniCA previously transferred 55,175,859 yen (US$501,438) from 65,405 people on November 1 to an account set up by the Kyoto Prefectural Government for the Kyoto Animation relief efforts, sending 100% of the money raised to the bank account and bearing the cost of the transfer themselves.


The post on the campaign page notes that as soon as the final donated amount is received from Yahoo! Japan on February 29, all the funds will then be directly transferred into the nominated bank account for Kyoto Animation. All money received goes towards the victims and their families, rather than the business of the studio. The Kyoto Prefectural Government is handling all matters relating to the donations.


Demolition of Kyoto Animation Studio 1 started in November 2019, with the project moving into stage 2 on January 22, scheduled to be finished in April. It's not known what will happen with the land on which the studio used to sit.


Source: "Kyoto Animation Support Fund" on Yahoo! Net Fund



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