NHK Reveals Interim Results of All Grand Evangelion Poll, Khara Streams Rebuild Films on YouTube

All three films are available to watch right now



NHK anime world, Japan's national broadcaster, is currently holding an "All Grand Evangelion Poll" to find out the most popular parts of four aspects of the Evangelion franchise while the Rebuild films debut on NHK BS4K for the first in that format on Japanese TV. The voting has been going on since March 27 and lasts until April 29.


While the voting has been going on, NHK revealed some of the interim results for two of the categories from the poll, releasing some of the results, as they stand right now.




Most Liked Evangelion Character


4th: Shinji Ikari

5th: Misato Katsuragi

6th: Mari Makinami Illustrious

7th: Ryoji Kaji

8th: Pen Pen

9th: Gendo Ikari

10th: Maya Ibuki


Most Liked Line from Evangelion


11th: "Dad! I am... the Evangelion Unit-01 pilot, Shinji Ikari!" - Shinji Ikari (Evangelion: 2.22 You Can [Not] Advance)

15th: "It is fun. I really was born to meet you." - Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion: 3.33 You Can [Not] Redo)

18th: "Bathing lets you wash your life anew." - Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion: 1.11 You Are [Not] Alone)


The other two categories which haven't have any reveals yet are; Most Liked Angel and Most Liked Eva Unit. The full results for the poll will be announced live during a special program on NHK BS on May 16. The three Rebuild anime film sis being broadcast weekly on NHK BS4K, with Evangelion 1.11 starting the releases on April 18.





Additionally, anime studio Khara has released the first three Evangelion anime films on YouTube for free until April 30 to combat the boredom being stuck inside during these trying times, using the #stayhome hashtag on the Twitter post to help others discover the films. 



Evangelion 1.11, Evangelion 2.22, and Evangelion 3.33 are (as of writing) available to watch worldwide, but only in Japanese with no subtitles. The fourth and last film in the series, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 was scheduled to be released on June 27, but was delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis.


Sources: NHK via Nijimen, Khara on Twitter


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