RAISE A SUILEN from BanG Dream!'s 1st Album Hits No.1 on Oricon Daily Chart

The mixed-media franchise's third all-female real band was formed in 2018



"ERA," the first album of the BanG Dream! franchise's third real band, RAISE A SUILEN, was released from Bushiroad Music on August 19, 2020. The 12-song album sold an impressive 15,420 copies on its first day, making its No.1 debut on Oricon's daily album chart.


The band was originally named as THE THIRD (Kari/Tentative) and formed to support stage performance of other bands in the BanG Dream! franchise, which consist of voice actresses who are not professional musicians. At their second solo live concert in July 2018, they revealed their official band name RAISE A SUILEN to the fans and started their own activities, including performing the theme songs for the Cardfight!! Vanguard TV anime series. The characters based on the members have also appeared in the BanG Dream! anime series since its second season. 





  • LAYER / Rei Wakana (vocal & bass) - Raychell 
  • LOCK / Rokka Asahi (guitar) - Riko Ohara 
  • MASKING / Masuki Sato (drums) - Natsume 
  • PAREO / Reona Nyubara (keyboards) - Reo Kurachi 
  • CHU² / Chuyu Tamade (DJ) - Risa Tsumugi





RAISE A SUILEN character visual:



30-second CM for the album "ERA":



"EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!" live performance clip:



"EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!" anime MV:



Standard edition CD jacket:



Back cover illustration:



 Source: Bushiroad press release, Oricon daily album chart


©BanG Dream! Project - Photos: Chie Kato


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