FEATURE: "The [email protected] Museum" at Namco Osaka Store February 2013 Edition

Posters, Ichibankuji prizes, character goods, production materials, and more!

As reported, the Namco Osaka Nipponbashi store which is located near Otaroad in Osaka-city has held a special exhibition "The [email protected] Museum" on its second floor and a part of the first floor since last November. The contents of the exhibition change at fixed intervals and now it features a giant flag for the recently announced The [email protected] Movie. Check the latest display items!


*all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the permission from the store

Namco Osaka Nipponbashi store


The flag to announce "The [email protected] Movie" on the first floor



"The [email protected] Ichibankuji" prizes exhibited on the first floor


Chihaya Kisaragi life-size panel on the second floor


Convenience store LAWSON uniform "The [email protected] ver."


Game machines


Crane game


Posters and character panels


"The [email protected] Shiny Festa" original arts



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