AKB48 PSP Game Sequel Announced: "AKB 1/48: If I Loved an Idol in Guam"

Now waiting for the announcement of 48 different copies of the same DLC item

Bandai Namco Games anounced yesterday they are making a sequel to the AKB48 PSP game "AKB 1/48: If I Loved an Idol" having broken the 400,000 units shipped mark for the original. The sequel, also for the PSP system, is titled "AKB 1/48: If I Loved an Idol in Guam" and includes all members of Teams A, K and B as of June 20th.


The game will be fully voiced and uses the premise as the first game: Of the 48 idols that have fallen in love with you, you have to shoot 47 of them down. The difference this time is the game is set in Guam and thus includes the girls in swimsuits. All of the confession scenes were shot in Guam.


The game will be released in 3 versions on October 6th 2011:

  • The regular edition for 5229 yen includes the game and one photograph in the first production run.
  • The limited-time-production edition for 7329 yen which includes the game, a UMD disc of about 120 minutes of video not included in the game, and three photographs in the first production run.
  • The first press "Please Don't Auction This! BOX" limited edition (pictured but doesn't include the PSP) for 13629 yen which includes the game, the UMD disc, 10 photographs, a 4 disc Making and Fashion Collection DVD set, a Team4 special DVD, a narrow poster for each of the 48 idols, codes to download a PSP custom theme for each of the 48 idols, a Blu-ray with HD versions of every confession scene from the first game, and a special box.


More pictures from the game at the 4gamer link below.


Watch the announcement video below:



Source: 4Gamer via "0taku.com" blog

Image ©NBGI

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