Manga Artist Presents "Highschool of the Dead" x "Lollipop Chainsaw" Illustration

Plus a look at cross-over DLC costumes with confirmation of worldwide availability

Highschool of the Dead artist Shouji Satou is doing more than lending a pair of character designs to Lollipop Chainsaw for downloadable content character design. He's also illustrated a special zombie fighter cross-over illustration, that will be offered to Japanese consumers who buy the fourth volume of his new action manga Triage X.



Highschool of the Dead: Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto DLC

Deadman Wonderland: Shiro

Is This a Zombie?: Haruna

Manyu Hiken-cho: Manyu Chifusa


In even more news regarding the new DLC costumes, the official Twitter account for the game has confirmed that all of the costumes offered in both versions of the game as well as the anime costume DLC will be offered worldwide - HS


via Comic Natalie and 4Gamer

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