Kochi Indies Magazine's 6th Cover Illustration Contest Winner Announced

Manga by American and Singaporean artists also published

As previously reported, Kochi Indies Magazine, an independent manga magazine published in Kochi prefecture, held a contest for the cover illustration for the newest issue (12th.) The winner is finally announced this week with the release of the issue. This time the magazine accepted entries from overseas for the first time. Thanks to the internet, they received 36 entries from all over the world, including the entries from Japan, the US, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, and a country in West Africa, Benin.


The winner selected by voting from the visitors of the Yokoyama Ryuichi Memorial Manga Museum was 26-year-old Japanese artist Yumi Sakura. Congratulations! Check the cover of the magazine and the original art. And you can also check all of the entries here.




Kochi Indies Magazine also had its own booth at Kochi Manga Festival which was held this weekend on November 3rd and 4th.


Editor in chief of KIM, Kyoko Yasuoka-san


The magazine also published two short manga stories by foreign artists, 20-year-old female American "Crimsonashtree" and 17-year-old female Singaporean "NezuDango." If you want to submit your own work to KIM, please make contact at [email protected]

By Crimsonashtree


By NezuDango


#All of the photos and images are posted with the permission from Kochi Indies Magazine

© Riguru Kikaku/Kochi Indies Magazine

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