VIDEO: "Ultraman" Family Used To Promote Hawaii Tourism In New Ad Campaign

Precious family moments are shared by the galactic family heroes in new ad

Just in time for spring break, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has teamed up with Japan's Tsuburaya Production and created this happy family movie ad featuring the Ultraman family and their alien friends vacationing together in Hawaii. This exclusive video is a part of the new Ultra Hawaii tourism campaign for Japanese viewers. The Ultra Hawaii tourism campaign also has a Facebook page, Twitter account and an official site.



The video shows the family's home movie footage of the family's Hawaiian vacation, which was a gift from son, Tarou to his parents. The family enjoys pretty much everything Hawaii has to offer and the mature couple even renew their bows during their stay, presenting something new for Japanese tourists. Starting from April 1, 2.5 m tall Ultraman figures will be placed at various locations on Oahu island as a part of the promotion.



I cracked up that this Tarou says "Share!" instead of the Ultraman language he usually uses. Did the short movie make you want to visit the islands?



Source: Netlab

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