Apparel Brand Yohji Yamamoto Offers "Evangelion" Collaboration Items

Jackets, bottoms, shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, pouches, tote bags

Internationally famous apparel brand Yohji Yamamoto, founded by a Japanese designer of the same name in 1981, has launched a new collaboration line "Ground Y×EVANGELION" with popular anime franchise Evangelion. The items will be available at Ground Y in Shibuya Parco Part1 in Tokyo from January 23.


The item lineup includes jackets, bottoms, shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, pouches, and tote bags, and their designs are inspired by EVA-01, EVA-00, EVA-02, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Shikinami Langley, Mari Illustrious Makinami, Shinji Ikari, Kaworu Nagisa, and the NERV mark. Pre-orders for an web-only item "Asuka Print T-shirt" will be accepted at Yohji Yamamoto's official online store S’YTE WEB SITE from January 23 to February 28. Check the lineup below.



"Asuka Print T-shirt (red)" 20,520 yen



"Asuka Print T-shirt (black)" 20,520 yen



"Mari skirt" 54,000 yen



"Rei jacket" 95,040 yen



"Asuka jacket" 90,720 yen



"NERV mark sneaker" (4 colors) 27,000 yen



"EVA-01 shirt" 45,360 yen



"Rei Ayanami shirt" 41,040 yen



"EVA-00 sarouel pants" 64,800 yen



"Shinji Ikari shirt" (price not listed)



"EVA-00 jacket" (price not listed)



Source: Comic Natalie


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