VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes Clips from YuiKaori, Yui Ogura's Latest MVs

OP and ED song for "Castle Town Dandelion" TV anime

King Records has posted two behind-the-scenes clips from the music videos for two-member voice actress unit YuiKaori's 11t single "Ring Ring Rainbow!!" and its 19-year-old member Yui Ogura's 5th solo single "Honey♥Come!!." The former has been used as the OP song for the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Ayumu Kasuga's comedy manga Joukamachi no Dandelion/Castle Town Dandelion, while the latter as its ED song.


In the anime, 21-year-old member Kaori Ishihara is voicing Kanade, the second sister of the Sakurada family, alongside Ogura as the fifth sister Hikari. The CD single "Ring Ring Rainbow!!" is set to be released on August 5, then "Honey♥Come!!" will follow one week later.



"Ring Ring Rainbow!!" behind-the-scenes clip






First press limited edition CD jacket



Regular edition




"Honey♥Come!!" behind-the-scenes clip






Time-limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



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