VIDEO: Nana Mizuki's New CM for Local Bank in Her Hometown

Image song "Ashita Graffiti" is included in her 32nd single

As reported, 36-year-old popular anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki has been featured as the image girl for Ehime Prefecture-based local bank Ehime Bank, and appeared in the TV CMs for it since last summer. She was born in Niihama-city in the prefecture on January 21, 1980. Even after becoming a nationally famous singer, she has kept supporting local communities in her hometown.


The bank recently posted her new CM to explain how to open an account using your smartphone. The image song "Ashita Graffiti" used in the end of the CM is included in her 32nd single "Angel Blossom" released last April.



"Puppet" edition CM for the smartphone account



"Paper Plane" edition





Source: Nana Mizuki official website


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