The Osomatsus Get Fashionable for TGC Fashion Show

Tokyo Girls Collection adds the brothers to their autumn showcase.


Mr. Osomatsu fans are everywhere, including the catwalk! This fall's Tokyo Girls Collection show will feature the Osomatsu brothers in the fashion lineup, as well as in wardrobe items that fans can buy for themselves.


The key visual for the collaboration, which comes just before the anime's second season, features the brothers in their own stylish ensembles. The art will serve as a base for shirts, parkas, and more available for sale. The items will also be shown off as part of the fashion show, modeled by the Mr. Osomatsu fans among the participants.



The items will be available online at the SHOPLIST by CROOZ website starting September 2.


Also on September 2, Saitama Super Arena will be hosting "Matsu Marche in TGC," an opportunity to shop for merchandise regardless of admission to the actual TGC event. The venue will be open until sales figures are met, and merch on sale will be announced and previewed at a later date.


>> TGC x Mr. Osomatsu Collaboration Official Page

>> TGC Official Page

>> Mr. Osomatsu Official Page

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