Bob Epic Team Creators Share Part of Their Next Music Video

AC-bu collaborates with singer Miho Fujiwara for whatever this is


Two-man production company AC-bu achieved global recognition thanks to their "Bob Epic Team" and "Hellshake Yano" spots for Pop Team Epic. Fans craving more of their extra-special style are in luck: they're offering a sneak preview of their new music video project.


The video will be part of the upcoming AC EXPO '85, a 20th anniversary celebration of the duo's activities. Sumire Uesaka will be amoung the guests, and musical peformers Miho Fujiwara and Creep Hype will be collaborating with AC-bu to create new videos to be premiered on the weekend.



To get things started, AC-bu has uploaded a 30-second sample of their collaboration with Fujiwara (who has performed songs for California Crisis: Gun Salvo and Marmalade Boy). The clip seems to be equal parts "Amazoness" and "lady not having any of it at the gym," with a decidedly 80s undercurrent.



This clip served as part of the announcement that Fujiwara would be in attendance at AC EXPO '85 and putting on an "explosive" live show.



AC EXPO '85 takes place July 13 at EX THEATER Roppongi and will feature live shows, discussion panels, and (of course) Hellshake Yano.


>> AC EXPO '85 Website

>> Watch Pop Team Epic on Crunchyroll

Source: @ACbu_official





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