Meet the New Guardian Lion Friend in Kemono Friends Pavilion!

The latest addition to the game is of a more traditional style


Just about anything can happen in Japari Park... and that includes the appearance of some rare and magical breeds!


Kemono Friends Pavilion, a casual mobile game based on the popular Kemono Friends franchise, is introducing "Shisa Light" to its lineup as a new friend to meet and observed. She's based on the shisa, or guardian lion statues, of Japan—themselves based on China's own stone lions, or shishi:

As you might expect of a mythical beast, Shisa Light will be very hard to encounter; while she has the potential to appear in any region of the game, her spawn rate is very low. If you're feeling lucky, you can set up a Tangoku Blue Shisa Stage for her to play on:



Kemono Friends Pavilion is a "passive observation game," where you can leave out toys and Japari Buns for different Friends. Keep an eye out, and you'll be able to see them play and interact. The game was launched early last year. So far, there is no word of a US release.


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