Girls Meet Motorcycles in Super Cub Anime Adaptation

Key staff revealed for upcoming adaptation based on light novel series by Tone Koken and Hiro

A banner image for the upcoming Super Cub TV anime, featuring artwork from the Super Cub novels written by Tone Koken and illustrated by Hiro.


Easy rider takes on a new meaning in Super Cub, a newly announced anime adaptation based on the series of light novels written by Tone Koken and illustrated by Hiro about a lonely high school girl who begins to open up socially after acquiring a mini-motorcycle. Key members of the Super Cub staff have been revealed, including:


  • Original work: Super Cub, written by Tone Koken, illustrated by Hiro, and published by KADOKAWA under their Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint
  • Director: Toshiro Fujii
  • Series composition, script: Toshizou Nemoto
  • Character design: Tōru Imanishi
  • Animation production: Studio KAI



The story of Super Cub follows Koguma, a high school student in Yamanishi Prefecture who has no friends, no family, and no hobbies to keep her busy. One day, she acquires a second-hand Super Cub mini-motorcycle, and her life is soon full of mini-adventures (detours, running out of gas, etc.) as a she learns how to ride and maintain the bike. Soon she meets Reiko, another girl who rides a motorcycle to school, and thanks to her Super Cub, a whole new world opens up for Oguma.


Additional details about the Super Cub anime (such as the cast, the format, and the release date) have not yet been revealed.




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