Yokohama's Walking Gundam Recreated as 1/48-Scale Light-Up Bust

Pre-orders are now open for the collectible on Premium Bandai

Premium Bandai's Gundam RX-78F00 Bust


The very real, very mobile Gundam RX-78F00 has been getting a lot of attention lately. Not only is the 1:1-size robot still looming large over Yokohama, it's getting its own collectibles — like its poseable diecast Chogokin. Today, Premium Bandai has dropped yet another figure based on the walking wonder: a 1/48-scale bust.


The figure depicts the RX-78F00 from the waist up in precise detail, and includes LED lights to light up the headpiece and eyes. Decals included with the figure let you decorate it to perfect accuracy:


Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - close-up

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - 3/4 view

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - 3/4 view, front

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - 3/4 view, back

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - front

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - back

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - 3/4 view, lit

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - front, lit

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - LED placement

Gundam RX-78F00 Bust - assembly


The collectible is now available for pre-order from Premium Bandai for 5,280 yen (about $48), and will ship out starting in July.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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