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The InuYasha manga and anime series were created by Rumiko Takahashi. Most of the series takes place in a fictional version of Japan's Warring States period with occasional time-travel/flashback elements to modern Tokyo or the Heian period. The setting and plot incorporate many elements of traditional Japanese folklore and religion; its main characters (both protagonists and antagonists) include a Shinto miko, a Buddhist monk, and several types of yōkai (usually rendered as "demon" in English-language translations of the series).

InuYasha is a half-demon who leads one of several competing groups in search of the Jewel of Four Souls, or "Shikon Jewel", a magical artifact that greatly enhances supernatural powers even in fragmentary form. He is aided in his quest by Kagome Higurashi, a girl from 20th-century Tokyo who is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a powerful miko entangled by InuYasha's tragic past. Their enemy, Naraku, instigated the original conflict between InuYasha and Kikyo and continues to manipulate many other characters throughout the series.the series also exposes inuyasha's true love for kagome

According to interviews with the author, the style for InuYasha's clothing was based on "priest's garb" of Japan's Warring States period. The series was conceptualized as a "hakama story" historical drama, a genre which Takahashi had not yet attempted as an entire series; she described the initial concept as "a melodrama, something with a strong storyline" with less focus on comedy than many of her previous series such as Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura.[citation needed]

InuYasha himself was envisioned as "someone who hates to lose", a complex character with "a tense and conflicted personality" rather than being "cheerful and refreshingly straightforward." In contrast, Takahashi wanted "to show [her] readers that InuYasha's opponents are this bad and do these kinds of things to gain their understanding of his actions" and "portray what InuYasha is really angry at, not just that someone is no good because they are evil." She originally planned to make Jakotsu a woman to give the Band of Seven "more diversity" but changed her mind, saying, "when I started thinking about it, I didn't feel comfortable having InuYasha fight and defeat a girl."

InuYasha (犬夜叉?) is the male protagonist of the series, aged fifteen in appearance and mindset, and is Sesshomaru's younger half-brother. Born to a dog demon father and human mother, InuYasha is a half-dog demon who initially wants to use the power of the Sacred Shikon Jewel to become a full-blooded demon like his older half-brother, Sesshomaru. Fifty years prior to the main era of the storyline, though, InuYasha fell in love with the priestess Kikyo, who guarded the jewel. InuYasha changed his mind about the jewel, and wanted to use it to become human so he could live with her, but Naraku (An evil Half demon, not like InuYasha, Naraku was once a human bandit named Onigumo) manipulated both of them into believing they had been betrayed by one another. A shapeshifter, he used Kikyo's form to attack and taunt InuYasha, and InuYasha's form to mortally wound Kikyo. Before she died, however, she shot the real InuYasha with a sacred arrow to seal him to a sacred tree. InuYasha remained in suspended animation for fifty years, until Kagome Higurashi, Kikyo's reincarnation, pulled out the arrow and broke the seal. Later, Kagome shot a sacred arrow at a demon who was escaping with the jewel, which had been hidden in Kagome's body until a demon tore it out. The arrow slew the demon, but it also hit the Shikon Jewel, which shattered. InuYasha and Kagome must then travel together to retrieve its fragments. At first, he is hostile and uncooperative, but Kikyo's sister, Kaede gives Kagome a magical necklace that restrains him by hurling him to the ground whenever Kagome gives the simple command "Sit!" called the Subjugation Beads. Initially wary of Kagome's resemblance to Kikyo, InuYasha grows to trust her as a friend and useful companion. As the series progresses, InuYasha begins to develop deep feelings for Kagome, which are reciprocated, but strained by the resurrection of Kikyo but is finally able to overcome it and falls in love with kagome . kagome in turn develops feelings for the half demon and begins to love him after he constantly saves her inummerable times from the demons in the series At the end of the Final Act, Kagome and Inuyasha share a kiss right before the Sacred Jewel is destroyed and separated for three years. InuYasha works with Miroku to exorcise demons and is reunited with Kagome, soon after Inuyasha and Kagome get married and live their lives together happily.

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