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Sena, a timid, shy boy, finally passes the high-school entrance exam. Since he was a child, Sena had been bullied into running errands. He sees his entry into high school as a chance to re-invent himself positively, however the bullies soon have their eyes on him. Sena runs from his bullies with superb speed, having trained by running all those errands. The American football team captain Hiruma who heads his two-member club and who is notorious for his sadistic character, notices Sena's speed and threatens Sena to join the team. Incapable of saying no, timid Sena has no choice but to join the team and become the "Eye Shield 21…Lightning Speed".

Character Descriptions:

Mamori Anezaki voiced by Aya Hirano

Mamori is Sena’s childhood friend and is also a year older than him. She is very overprotective when it comes to Sena, and joins the football team as manager so she can keep an eye on him and make sure the other players—especially Hiruma—don’t bully him. She does not yet know that “Eyeshield 21” is actually Sena.

Ryokan Kurita voiced by Kouichi Nagano

The heart and soul of the football team, Kurita is well known for both his kindness and the moral support he offers the rest of his teammates, even if Hiruma often gives him a hard time. Being the largest and strongest player on the Devil Bats, he often overpowers their opponents with his sheer brute strength. His position is center and his jersey number is 77.

Sena Kobayakawa voiced by Miyu Irino

The main character of this story. All his life, Sena was bullied by others and forced to fetch things for them as a “gopher” until the day Hiruma forces him to join the Deimon High School football team. From that day on, he competes under the secret identity “Eyeshield 21,” and becomes known for his incredible speed that was cultivated through years of running errands for bullies. His position is running back and his jersey number is, of course, 21.

Taro Raimon voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei

A former baseball player, he is an extraordinary catcher. However, since he isn’t very good at throwing a ball, he quits baseball and joins the football team as a wide receiver. His nickname is Monta. Cheerful and hardworking, his presence helps to lighten the mood around his teammates. His position is wide receiver and his jersey number is 80.

Yoichi Hiruma voiced by Atsushi Tamura

The captain of the Deimon Devil Bats. Feared by all for his devilish and demonic tactics, he often resorts to borderline illegal activities, such as blackmail and cyber terrorism, to achieve his goals. As a football player, he possesses great skill and is also a splendid commander for the rest of the team. With his brilliant strategies, he does his best to make things happen for the Devil Bats. His position is quarterback and his jersey number is 1.

Daikichi Komusubi voiced by Hidenori Sakaki

Aspiring to be like Kurita, Komusubi decides to try out for the Devil Bats. And despite his diminutive stature, he shows that he is actually quite powerful—even if he does have a slight Napoleon complex about his height. He considers the Hah Brothers, who also are linemen, to be his rivals. His jersey number is 55.

Doburoku Sakaki voiced by Soichiro Akaboshi

In junior high, he taught Hiruma, Kurita and Musashi about American football. Though he fled to the United States because of his debt trouble, after Hiruma won three million dollars in Las Vegas, we was able to pay off what he owed and return to Japan as a trainer for the Devil Bats. Along with Shoji, the head coach for the Ojo White Knights, he was an ace football player in college.

Gen Takekura voiced by Rikiya Koyama

One of the founding members of the Deimon Devil Bats, as the legendary kicker known as
“Musashi,” he, Hiruma and Kurita dreamt about going to the Christmas Bowl together. Unfortunately, due to his father’s illness, he has to leave school and take over the family business. However, his passion for both the team and the game of football do not wane and he eventually rejoins the Devil Bats. His jersey number is 11.

Kazuki Jumonji voiced by Takanori Hoshino

Jumonji is the leader of the Hah Brothers, a group of hoodlums who used to bully Sena but later joined the football team after being threatened by Hiruma. As he continues to play, Jumonji gradually starts taking football more seriously, and eventually comes to see Sena as an irreplaceable partner. His position is lineman.

Koji Kuroki voiced by Masami Iwasaki

Another member of the Hah Brothers, along with Jumonji and Togano he also joined the football team after being threatened by Hiruma. When it comes to fighting, he is the most violent (and cowardly) of the three, and wouldn’t think twice about attacking an enemy from behind with his signature weapon, a metal baseball bat. On the other hand, he deeply values his friends, respects their opinions, and helps them out whenever he’s needed.

Manabu Yikimitsu voiced by Masaru Hota

After watching “Eyeshield 21” play, he decides to try out for the Deimon Devil Bats. Prior to becoming a football player, he was very dedicated to his schoolwork and had never joined a sports team before. And though he isn’t the most naturally gifted athlete, his hard work and persistent effort really make him stand out. Along with Hiruma and Mamori, he is definitely one of the biggest brains on the team. His position is wide receiver and his jersey number is 16.

Natsuhiko Taki voiced by Koji Ochiai

Taki dreamt about becoming a professional football player in the United States, but could not successfully pass the try out. However, his physical abilities caught Sena’s attention and he was recruited to join the Devil Bats as a tight end, especially since his height and flexibility made him ideal for that position. His personality can best be describes as that of a competitive showoff. His younger sister is Suzuna and his jersey number is 37.

Shozo Togano voiced by Takeshi Maeda

The third member of the Hah Brothers, he is addicted to manga and never lets go of his copy of Shonen Jump. Incidentally, he, Jumonji and Kuroki got the nickname “The Hah Brothers” because of their tendency to answer questions with the word “Hah?” simultaneously.

Suzuna Taki voiced by Shoko Nakagawa

Together with her brother Natsuhiko, she joins the Deimon Devil Bats while everyone was in America. Since then, although she herself does not attend Deimon, she becomes their cheerleader. With her bubbly and sociable nature, she is seen as being a mascot for the Devil Bats.

Tetsuo Ishimaru voiced by Kei Kato

A member of the track and field team and a fast runner, Hiruma asks him to join the football team to fill out their short roster. Although not the most noticeable member on the Devil Bats, together with “Eyeshield 21,” his speed contributes to several breakthroughs during tough games. His position is running back and his jersey number is 30.

Localization Credits

Translation: Matt Del Giudice and Jackie McClure