Fantastic Detective Labyrinth

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    I really tried to like this
    Although this show has some great characters and settings, I have to say that it was very sub-par. No real logic goes into his ability to solve cases, just magical earth powers. The problem is that those powers do not drive any interest in the plot or anticipation of what might happen to the characters in the future. Also, the villains were hypnotized into performing their crimes, so you feel no ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Interesting concept though it could use more polish.
    I've seen a few comments and reviews that people didn't understand the series and honestly I thought it was pretty self explanatory. It did end with a bit of a mystery but the main plot points were cleared up. The characters were fairly unique and while Mayuki is technically the main character he wasn't the only character (some reviews count this against the series saying they put too much into ...
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  • loved ittttttttttttt
    idk why people are saying its confusing i loved this show and it made me cry. so sad that it ended like that it deserves more episodes.
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  • Likable Characters, Very Confusing Story-Line
    The show started off intriguing with 'Phantom Cases' and a mysterious lonely boy detective, but then the show started adding more and more elements without really explaining them. Also, sometimes there would be a shocking reveal and then it wouldn't be talked about again until it became a necessary plot point.

    I stuck with the show to get to the end, hoping for more explanation. ...
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