Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

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  • Top chef Anime! Foodporn
    You ever wonder what it would be like to eat something so amazing it rips your clothes off? Look no further! Food wars is basically animated Bravo TV but better! I love it! Also, what's really great is the hero Soma, isn't invincible. He fails a bunch. But his grit, perseverance, and passion for cooking really shine through. He's not perfect but he's confident and has a hunger to learn all he can ...
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  • You Would want a sixth plate (season)..
    This show is a roller coaster.. it's so well prepped, cooked with love, and served hot enough to keep your heart warm.. Try it, At the end remember i said Glad You Liked it.
    This anime was made and perfected to the last detail, you get to know every character and fall in love with the whole crew. Generation of cooks. all wrapped up and connected made this so much better.
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  • Ohh yes cooking with friends!
    I loved this series and it really made me feel like cooking can be a lot of fun. Was fun to watch. It's been a long time since I started watching all the way back in S1 but whenever a new season came out I would always love to watch Soma fight to reach his goals. The close friendships and all the challenges really made me feel like cooking with others!
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  • Love it! Wish it went on forever!
    It was so much fun watching every episode! I hope there is more for the future Great and fun story. I would recommend to anyone! I give it a 10 out of 10 and this has piqued my interest in looking for more food anime shows for the future. Please make more!!!
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  • Food wars is simply amazing
    All the food there is simply godlike. I think that this should happen IRL one day.
    I can't believe what happens soon. I never finished it due to my watching other anime but I suggest you watch this anime. Not many people say its trash and the people who do probably don't know how to cook or is trash at cooking. I hope you enjoy this anime
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  • definitely worth your time
    i loved this anime and i personally think it's super worth your watch. it's entertaining and it has some pretty good character development. the animation is wonderful and i really like the art style. the food looks sooo good and you learn a thing or two by watching them cook. if you can look past the moans and censored nudity, you should definitely watch this.
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  • My personal review of THE BEST ANIME EVER!
    This anime is underrated, cause it's the best anime ever! The creators of Shokugeki No Soma, all I can say is that I'm really grateful to you guys! You guys made the best intros and outros! There's nothing wrong in the anime, I know this anime should be in the top 10 best anime in the world!
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    I still can't believe that the adventure is over. What a series! Amazing concept, so highly and perfectly executed. I can't even begin to understand the genius that is behind this show. Thank you for the amazing human beings that brought Food Wars to life. What an inspiration! What a unique work of art! What an incredible and touching philosophy. We need a real academy like this one here on earth. ...
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