Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

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  • Whether your pick or not, this is an anime for everyone.
    Alright. I've been watching anime excessively for the past year or two now. Im extremely picky because there's only certain story lines, character builds I like. I have been waiting for a cooking anime for awhile now. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to anime. Some people only watching certain ones while other people watch all of them. Its important to be able to catch your viewers ...
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  • Amazing series!!!!!!
    I loooove this series. I figured I would watch it because I'm a big fan of cooking shows, and the like... After giving it a try, I ended up reading all 113 chapters of the manga (at that time) and just couldn't get enough of it. I hope this is a long lasting series because it's my new favorite.
    I look forward every week to this series and I'm looking into actually purchasing physical copies of ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    I should have started watching this earlier
    This isnt a full review as im up to the 6th episode.
    P.S First time reviewing :)

    Story 9/10: Storys looking good just hope its not too cliche :).

    Voice acting 10/10: OMG i love Yoshitsugu Matsuoka he has the best voice in the world

    Artwork 10/10: Holy crap. the style is really nice and i love when foodgasms happen lol

    GG one of the best animes of all time
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  • 10/10 Great show! Follows Manga almost perfectly.
    If you liked the manga you will love this show. The character, story, look, and over all feel of the anime is amazing. After I started the anime I instantly started reading the manga and it is almost exact. That means no terrible filler episodes for now at least.
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  • Best Shonen Jump based series in a while!
    Walked into this series knowing nothing about it and I was very surprised about how much I enjoy it. I usually don't like Shonen Jump series nor the anime adaptations of them, but I'm liking this so much that I just had to go and buy the manga and I don't regret it one bit. As of now I really recommend watching this series but beware... It makes you really hungry!
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  • Very Entertaining!!!
    I find this show very entertaining from the characters, theme, plot. I wasn't quite sure what type of cooking show this anime would has more than enough sexual connotations (which are hilarious on all kinds of levels). I wait in anticipation every week for this show because I find it that good.
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  • 6 out of 147 people found this review helpful:
    Disappointed in this one
    I was looking forward to "Food Wars." I was hoping for food and comedy, but got ecchi and triteness. Stalled at the second or third episode when the usual leggy tsundere showed up. I would really like to see characters rather than types. Some anime slightly more adventurous than this one would be nice.

    Now, I have to provide a longer review, too. After "Food Graffiti Girl," or whatever the ...
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  • Depends on your style
    Personally for me the reason why this is one of my favorites is not cause of the crazy thinking process the writers made or anything. It's based solely on the funniness of it, it's something you watch and occasionally smile. It also adds alot of insight on ways to cook food which are mainly correct which is surprising. If you're one of those people who wants psychological meanings behind the story ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Im not the type that enjoys cooking shows.
    I never enjoyed cooking animes all that much, but this. You do not have to like cooking at all in order to enjoy this show. The characters alone make the show, throw in some comedy, some romance, and a sense of bad ass for the main protagonist, and you got one hell of a show. Highly recommend.
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  • The show has it's qwerks
    So there are some weird things about this Anime. Ok it gives it style, and it's anime, but the way this anime establishes itself from other animes has an aesthetic. There are several shows that you can watch but this one grows on you. BE CAREFUL! If you watch 3 automatically I started binge watching the rest of the episodes.

    The show is definitely top notch.
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