How to Raise a Mummy

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Posted 9/5/17 , edited 9/5/17
Just wondering if anyone knows when Crunchyroll updates this particular title, if at all? I see on Comico the chapters are up pass 130 and on going, but CR only has up to 32.

Are they dropping this one or something?

It's a shame because its such a cute title and its really out of date on crunchyroll.

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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
This happens with a lot of the manga. CR says they are providing them, and even lists them under Simulpub but is extremely far behind. Some claim it is based on the english translations being available legally, but that doesn't fly for at least half the titles when I last checked the Simulpub listings.

No, I am not staff. I've just seen this before and asked a similar question.
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