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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
I only started watching anime in the last couple of month.
So far watched/watching: favorite first
Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Assassination Classroom
Hunter x Hunter
Knight's & Magic

I am for another series to watch. Nothing girly but can have a tearjerker every now and then or at the end.
Any suggestions?
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Bleach and Naruto are pretty solid, especially if you look up which episodes are filler and skip them.

S-Cry-ed and Buso Renkin were pretty good, but weird.
I was just starting to get into Corpse Princes (Shikabane Hime) a few years ago when the Funimation channel got canned.
Blue Exorcist was pretty good.
Soul Eater is decent, also a little weird.

I'd also suggest Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks

Almost forgot Full Metal Alchemist.
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Kind of hard to say. I personally found that I didn't much care for Bleach, Naruto, One Punch and a whole lot of long popular animes that other people raved about. Perhaps it has something to do with not only getting into anime only a bit over a year ago but at an older age, so my taste was a bit different. Of more recent animes you'll probably like The King's Avatar (Chinese), which is definitely one of the best recent animes. I second that you'll probably also enjoy Blue Excorcist and Soul Eater.

Otherwise, just try things out for 3-4 episodes. I watch for my own fun, and even if over half way through I just no longer want to watch, I don't. But sometimes I've been surprised and glad that I tried something that I wouldn't normally have thought my type of thing.
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Hmm, going off your list:

You might give Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- a try. It's got some feels going on, but also a lot of solid high-fantasy action. It's funny, but also gets very dark in places. It's good.

I also think everyone needs to watch KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world! This is an intensely silly fantasy-comedy that - coincidentally - is not unlike Re:Zero in its basic premise (normal teenager from Earth ends up in fantasy world), but the two are VERY different in tone. It's hilarious, very well written in the smart-that-plays-dumb way.

It's not on Crunchyroll at the moment, but if you can track it down elsewhere I'd recommend Claymore to you. Dark fantasy, high action.
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Only have a few minutes so sorry if i mention something already above, but i wanted to add a few for you ^_~
First, this one you need to find the first season of, as it's not on CR, but is amazing... changes the way some people look at things in pretty cool way- and that is-
Mushi-Shi (it's often overlooked because of no "action" to speak of, but definitely one i recommend to all)
Mob Psycho 100
One Punch Man
Code Geass
Kino's Journey
Blue Sub 6
Last Exile (the 1st one, not fams wing)
FMA: Brotherhood
Saga of Tanya the Evil
Ajin:Demi- Human (not on this site, unfortunately, but definitely worth a watch... don't let the CG animation put you off, you will forget about it quickly )
Rokka (wasn't bad)
Fate Stay Night/IBW
BERSERK (not up to the original works imo (and the opinion of 99% of others), but surely worth a watch. Most brutal, otherworldly, and captivating scenes at times- but also for sure MA, no doubt!)
Basalisk (if you like old style ninja fueds)
i personally enjoyed BTOOOM!, maybe you will too if you like the battle royale trapped in a real life game of survival type deal... too bad it didnt get a second season =/
I also dig One Piece, but hey, i found after investing the time, it has been totally worth it. ^_^
Hellsing Ultimate
Drifters (by the creator of Hellsing)
Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, without a doubt, need to be seen by anyone coming into anime! Outlaw Star wouldn't hurt, either, but not as important as the first two =) Yuyu Hakusho is a oldie but goodie as well, which i occasionally rewatch because i love the drearyness and dread lol...
Ghost In The Shell SAC and SAC2 i cannot recommend enough!
Serial Experiments Lain
Elfin Lied...
Anyway, off to eat, if you have any interest, i can add some more later, or give more explanation of the above picks, as well... just lmk ^_~ Or PM me, i don't mind at all =]
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Oh, forgot one i just finished and enjoyed, Bungo Stray Dogs. Takes a few eps to pick up, but great show. ^_^
Also adding Ergo Proxy, Gankutsuou, Gungrave, Moribito, Deathnote, and i happen to like Big-O! (As much as i hate the comparison, it has a definite "Batman The Animated Series" feel of dark melancholy). Anyway, enjoy your watching! ^_~
Oh, and you were looking for one with feeling but not girly sappy? Try Wolf's Rain
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/6/17
Kill la Kill - the girliest anime ever
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/7/17
On Crunchyroll:

Great Teacher Onizuka

My Hero Academia

Mob Psycho 100

Gundam Build Fighters

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) + seqeuels

Log Horizon

Gurren Lagann (with one slice of life type ep replaced with a recap ep)

Not on Crunchyroll:

Yu Yu Hakusho

Black Lagoon

Hajime no Ippo

Cowboy Bebop
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/7/17







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Posted 9/7/17 , edited 9/7/17
Yu Yu Hakushu

One Piece


Detective Conan

Flame of Recca
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