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We've all been there; an anime or manga that we adore sudden dives off the deep end, and we shake our heads. It had so much potential! And we could have done better. So why don't we?

Crunchyroll's first completely original anime, "The Children of Ether" has got me thinking--what if we, the users of Crunchyroll, were able to help bring quality content to others? I know I'm probably not the only one who'd love a chance to bring my original stories to the screen.

So, what would you bring to the table? What sort of anime/manga would you make, if only you had the art/writing skills to create it--and Crunchyroll backing you for the publication?


So, with that started, I won't give the idea closest to my heart, as I actually am intending to make it a manga all on my own, so I'll throw out a fun idea I had a few years ago instead. <^^> Be warned, I'm going to do a DETAILED intro based on my notes from the time. The TL:DR will be at the very bottom.

The main character, a nameless female(at this point) adores video games with a passion, and can often be found playing all night. While certainly not a shut-in, this girl would much rather be playing a MMORPG with her friends in the same room, than taking in any school dances in her little Canadian town.

In the first episode, we'd get a detailed introduction to our main, with possibly one or two of her best friends. The key things to hit would be her personality, sense of justice, and quirks:
-She constantly chews toothpicks and/or lollipop sticks (after she's eaten the actual pop) because she used to chew her hair while she was gaming, and that wasn't good, so she found a substitute...which has turned into a new bad habit. (It's also led to her having a "secret stash" of lollipops in her closet--in one of those fishbowl containers. Jury's out on whether or not her parents know about it.)
-She plays video games every single chance she gets and is legitimately level 100 on ALL her games, which is something she has obtained through grinding. She considers any other method to be "cheating" and thus is detestable. This also holds hints to her personality, showcasing her tenacity, stubbornness, strong sense of justice, and her unreasonable pride
-She has never hacked any of her games or used cheats--or left a game's storyline unfinished. She's honest and dedicated, finishing what she starts. A quick learner.
I need to stop having ideas.
-She enjoys fantasy RPGS for movies, superheros and stuff like skyrim.

Now, here's where her plot comes in--one day she finds an older-style video game on the street. It's blue, and there's no label. Insanely curious(as it looks like it's in really good shape and has no owner) she takes it home. Fortunately, she has a converter that allows her to play this type of video game on her console.

And she also has the house to herself for the night(parents are out of town for an anniversary dinner, and her brother's at a friend's)--so she's free to play alll night! Except, right as she starts the game up, a friend calls-and being girls, they continue to chat until midnight, by which time the MC (Main Character) decides it's too late to start the game and turns off the console.

, in the middle of the night, she accidentally knocks over a book which hits the console's power button(she's a restless sleeper), turning it on. The "new game" then proceeds to download all the data from every single save file she has.

Then, when she wakes up, she merely thinks she left the console on all night (again), and seeing as it's Saturday, decides to start playing the new game. However, the buttons on her remote don't respond, and when she reaches out to the game to see if it needs to be reset, it gives her a papercut.

She checks the connections, and everything's set up fine, and is about to pull the power to reset the whole system(It wasn't turning off either) when the game music starts to play. Figuring that it was just glitching on her, she goes to play, and a tutorial pops up.

...And that's as far as I got into the beginning of her story, but the plan is for that "Video game" to be an abandoned government project to see if they could create super-soldiers by giving people the same sort of powers they would have had in video games. Problem was, the tech in their day was too low-key to work with the project. They had to abandon it. But it worked. And it thinks the new MC is a perfect candidate for the project--and yeah. She gets abilities equivalent to those she had in her video games--minus the need to KILL enemies. Her Skyrim character was a master lockpicker. <^^> And sneaker.
And maxed out all the skills.
She can now wield pretty much any weapon.
And you know, can perform spells.
Superhero time. <^^>

There's just a few downsides:

1. She can only have the powers and abilities of one character at a time. (For example, she cannot be a pokemon trainer with mage powers.
2. In addition to all the character's powers, she also develops their weaknesses. (Like being unable to jump over small ledges-- looking at you POKEMON TRAINER.)


Girl finds game cartridge that's actually an abandoned government project that gives her all the abilities (and weaknesses) of her video game characters, and ends up using her newfound powers to defeat evil... Or just make it to school on time after stopping a bank robbery.

Feel free to suggest new ideas or build off of this one! I'd love to hear some antagonist/who her friends are ideas. <^^> Looking forward to finding out what sorts of amazing things everyone can come up with!
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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/8/17
Make sure the cast is very diverse with many ethnicities,sexualties,genders etc.This is vital for rich storytelling.
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Just saying: if you are planning to write a script, book etc. you should never publish it. Someone could very well steal your whole idea and earn money off of it. I know a scriptwriter who got his work stolen by a major company and his idea is now one of the biggest TV comedies.

On that note, it takes skills to write. It's not something anyone can do, even if they love it. I don't think it will be possible for Crunchyroll members to write out a story, and make it good. It will just be messy.

And as a comment to your idea: it already sounds messy. Cut the details. They don't belong in a summary. To me it just sounds like it's about a girl with a very serious gaming addiction (this is negative). She is also addicted to several others things ... A good main character doesn't necessarily need to be complex.

I'm not out to "get you", I am just giving you advice. It is your choice if you want to take it or not. My mother is a writer and has written 40 books that are all very highly rated. I know the process of publishing a book, and it is not simple. You need more than just an idea.
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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/9/17
Couple of base ideas, nothing really thought out.

First, this. All of this

Second, I was watching Kuruko with some friends and I thought about this.
A highschool where like 4 different sports anime are going on. BUT, we don't focus on the sports. We focus on the normal kids going to a school that suddenly has 4-5 sports teams at a national level.
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Posted 9/9/17 , edited 9/9/17
A story written by the combined minds of a forum community.

This simulation can be shut down now. It has achieved it's purpose.
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