Post Reply Why do i get a black screen whenever i try to watch this anime
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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/9/17
//New boruto episode comes out//

//clicks it//

//black screen and video never load//

//me wondering why i payed premium when i can't even use its benefits if the website is trash//

//me wondering if i can call somehow call for a refund because their customer is never helpful because they they never respond back lmao//

//me wondering why my life is shitty//

//me wondering why i can watch any other anime but can't watch boruto//

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Posted 9/9/17 , edited 9/9/17
You may want to post this in the site support section or take a look through previous posts there to see if this issue has come up before.
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Posted 9/10/17 , edited 9/10/17
sometimes CR has issues when it comes to streaming things, it derps or they haven't dropped it to be watched yet. sometimes there's issues with cache and it needs adobe in order to play, so if that's outdated or there are issues with your system including down time or peak time for your net provider and/or the site, there's going to be issues regarding streaming on any site, regardless.

so, for starters until staff comes along and moves this and/or answers: try clearing your cache, try watching it at different times (unless you're trying for that achievement where you've watched something within the hour), thus why it could be broken sometimes, and also notice when you're logging in to watch, try different times. if you're using different devices I can't help with console, because they clear their own cache from time to time, but tablet is easy, it's located somewhere in your settings (varies from device to device) and laptop has a cache. otherwise, hope this helps you some while you wait.
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