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Posted 9/8/17 , edited 9/9/17
i stopped watching a lil bit after 3d2y now i finaly binged it till 804 now are we any closer to finding one piece? at this rate i feel like we have another 20 years before we get there. Anyone else?
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Posted 9/9/17 , edited 9/9/17
The real question is why is the anime your choice of consuming One Piece and not the manga?

All jokes aside, not for a while it seems since we have at the very least 10 more years if we are considering the statements regarding their plan for the 30th anniversary. Oda said he was only 65% done or something like that last year? We're not even close.
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Posted 9/9/17 , edited 9/10/17
The last chapter of One Piece is set to come out roughly one month after the heat death of the universe, and I am okay with that.
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