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VegaStarX1 wrote:

Werning wrote:

VegaStarX1 wrote:

arnold5000 wrote:

Watching anime
Watching football, Moto GP, F1 Racing
Smoking weed
Drinking alcohol
Crushing my enemies
Playing video games
Plotting how to take over the world

You need to realize that every time someone tries to take over the world they get taken out by some hero or heroes who is more powerful than any megalomaniac. That is the way karma works which is the law of cause and affect which is a law of physics. Karma always balances everything out.

Human concepts do not objectively exist outside of our own perception. Therefore, Karma does not exist.

Everything exist within you and you project your own concepts of perceptions outwards. Look at quantum physics. Quantum physics proves that karma exist. In quantum physics karma is the law of cause and affect. What you put in reality is what your receive. If you research quantum physics and some form of spirituality you might realize this.

We think with similar words, but very different meanings. Your realizations are humane, mine are realizing that is redundant.

Shared observations are only observations, concepts applied to them are only ever human. To project your own concepts is to project your own humanity onto an observation. If a thing must be humanized in order to be understood to any extent, it cannot ever be truly understood. Laws are human limitations, what is beyond knows not that limitation.

It is only ever received because it seen in the first place.

Will you see through an abstract blindness, or will you look into your own gaze instead? If your reality is shared, can it even be called your own gaze?
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