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Posted 9/9/17 , edited 9/9/17
Rating: 8.5/10

Note: All reviews by Blackchain119 are based solely on the anime itself and ignores all related manga; if the story does not hold up in the anime, no matter what length it is, then they failed in their efforts to make an effective, engaging show.


Erased takes the perspective of a psychological thriller that hooks you in it's first moments. The early feelings of everyday boredom and the monotony of daily life are shattered early by the engrossing and striking backstory, along with a satisfying ray of hope for a painful story's ending to, just maybe, change for the better.

The Good

Main Character: A hero, but a non-traditional hero. This is a character with depth beyond the supernatural elements that enable him to be more than he is; he has a relatable position, a relatable reaction, and a relatable personality. He is the soul of the show, and is the first and foremost gripping element. He endures trials and turbulence that no one wishes on themselves, and fights it head on to make sure he has no regrets. Powerfully written, beautifully portrayed, and his personality is extremely human.

Voice actors: You feel their pains, their joys, their losses, and their triumphs all through the Japanese voices. Some you are friends in the moment, still others feel like family. A proud achievement of voice acting.

Visuals: The element of panic is a recurring theme, and the visual style not only brings the feeling of encroaching doom and powerlessness, but absorbs you into the character's fears and doubts to the very end.

Story: Stories about time travel, in any form, are VERY difficult to write effectively and accurately, while still being engaging. This show managed to keep you emotionally involved and psychologically intrigued.

The Bad

Villain: This is highly subjective, and as such may not be the case with everyone, but I found the villain to be very predictable. Having said that, it still made the ending, payoff, and character interaction better as a whole. If you consider this a fault, I would argue it is an acceptable and ignorable one.

The Ugly

Looking into the work for damaging elements turned out a wasted errand. The show was, quite simply, staggering.

Final Impressions

This is a show that encorporates extremely heavy themes in a subtle way, making your mind race with the story as it propells you from episode to episode. The power is in the performances, the strong storyline, and stomach-turn relieving humour. The characters are likeable, even loveable, and the visual style lends itself very well to this particular piece. This anime was the excellent result of hard work and concentrated planning.
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