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Post Reply Way too similar (ABC's Inhumans and Fairy Tail)
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Posted 9/14/17 , edited 9/15/17

RhondaJo wrote:

I am new to these kind of forums. I usually participate in the writers digest forum and a few others. I'm not used to others picking apart my wording. In the future I will be more careful and gather more facts before posting. All of you were nice in telling me how I was screwing up, except Peripheral Vision; don't be such a blow-hard butthole to new people, and I studied English Lit. so umm,...less is more. (you are too wordy)

I am sorry, I am fastidious to the point of repetition. I perceived your behavior as slightly inappropriate, though I do not believe my conduct was becoming of a "Blow-hard butthole". Not sure, would have to reread it, but I try to reasoning not subject to misinterpretation, seeing as I am a bit absent minded and can miss quite a few words I thought I have typed. I do not typically aim for being verbose, just understandable and clear in reasoning.

I may have gone overboard with the repeating though. I apologize for any distress this caused you. I should have clearly recognize your newness and told you how to report or edit a post. :(

If you cannot bother to acknowledge your mistake OP, or even edit the opening post, it is on you. Sorry, but I do not blame people for this assumption, nor do I think they have such a responsibility to read anything other than the opening post before replying, which hasn't address said claims, especially since I felt you have not addressed my posts without clearly reading them.

This reply of mine does seem a bit inappropriate. I apologize for putting the blame on you without cutting you the slack due to a new forum user.
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Posted 9/14/17 , edited 9/15/17

AstroDave wrote:

Inhuman characters were created in the early 1960s.........they predate fairy tail by decades.

^This.Besides,fairy tail is trash,no one is interested in copying it.
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