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Posted 9/13/17 , edited 9/13/17
Bip Bop. I just finished the anime 'Akatsuki no Yona' and and and... I need to talk to someone who has also seen it or read it. Because I am losing my mind!!!
I just started reading the manga because I need more answers.
(First time reading a manga btw.) But I really need to hear your opinions about some things I have thought about after watching the anime. Like:

Whats your take on Su-Won?
I personally hated him in the beginning. Because duh, murder. But when the plot really started to kick in I was more and more intrigued by Su-Wons character - sure he's still a murderer - but after his coronation he really stepped up for the kingdom. I might even think that Yona and Su-Won has the same ideals and interests when it comes to reigning the country.

Will Hak and Yona ever be an item?
I have a feeling I will get the answer on this when I read the manga. But since I haven't gotten to that part and the Anime is not giving me ANYTHING - I am just frustrated and trying to ship a couple that seems to take forever to get together... Sadness.

Is Hak secretly a reincarnation as well?
Now, this has been on my mind a lot, ever since Yona, Yun and Hak found the first dragon. All the dragons keeps woo'ing and aah'ing about Haks strength. So I can't help but to think: Is there some weird connection to him and the five dragons? And if there is, would that make his and Yonas future as a couple (I'm staying on the positive side assuming that they will be an item eventually) that much more awkward?

Will the blue dragon learn to control his power and not cover his eyes all the time?
The blue dragon, Sin-Ha, is one of my favourite characters in this series and I just love his eyes. But does he have to cover them all the time?? Will there ever be a time where he can walk freely without a mask?

What is the deal with the yellow dragon?
So this is the thought I had right after the last episode. But, I guess I got this question answered on the three bonus episodes. So my real question is. Will Zenos curse ever be lifted? Because man, his power got me real hard. I don't feel bad for him. Because he seems so much more at peace now that he has his friends again (even though they are a reincarnation of them) And if it stood to me: Then all five dragons - and Hak - would live and fight together in their own awesome dragon tribe, together, allied to Su-Won with the goal to make the kingdom bigger and richer as it once was.

I wanna hear your thoughts and answers, how far you are in the manga if you're reading it, and your opinions on the characters!

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Posted 9/13/17 , edited 9/13/17
I have nothing to contribute, but the previous anime discussion thread for the show is here: /forumtopic-855381

Manga threads are here (manga is separated into a different forum from anime for spoiler reasons):
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