Discord Server - Meems&Weebs™
Posted 9/14/17 , edited 9/24/17

~ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ~

This is a small community of 150+ members & we hope to
see more coming. We are very friendly & always welcome anyone as long as
they follow all rules.The server is not busy all the time, so its nice to have little
chats here and there. We have cool emotes for you to use if you have Nitro membership,
we have a good variety of bots to get distracted with, we have a nice big list of colored roles
for you to pick from and decorate your username/nickname, we challenge you to level up
as high as you can, earning roles with certain permissions at certain levels, we sometimes vc
& stream movies/anime together, we play games & much more. We hope you get to join us
& become part of the kool kidz skuad. Thanks for reading this, and see you soon ~


Sinceraly: Mina ~

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26 / F / South Carolina
Posted 9/14/17 , edited 9/14/17
Ooo looks fun! :3
Posted 9/14/17 , edited 9/14/17
Feel free to join ~ we let bygones be bygones.
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22 / M / Bundaberg, Queens...
Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17
Can i join looks interesting.
Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17
grate club can confurm
Posted 9/17/17 , edited 9/18/17
Anyone can join, as long as they behave.
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33 / M / Ohio
Posted 9/21/17 , edited 9/21/17
I may consider joining this.

Wait behave?
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Posted 9/27/17 , edited 9/27/17
Closed by OP request
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