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Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17
Ok I apologize for the very vague description that I'm about to give about this anime. But I have never seen it and only heard about it from a friend, who had apparently forgotten all about it.

Anyways the anime is about a girl who is seeking revenge on a hero? The hero apparently helped saved the world, but in the process destroyed her village, killed her family, or something that makes her want to seek revenge.

It would of been made in the 90's or possibly 00's.

The hero, who destroyed the family and or village, was revered as being one of the strongest beings in the world, Galaxy, universe? So the main character has to strive to be more powerful.

Possibly Sci-fi?

Considered more serious rather than lightharded.

Close combat, maybe melee weapons?

Anyways, good luck in trying to figure it out of that description. And I'd appreciate any help on this.
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Posted 9/16/17 , edited 9/17/17
No idea. But it sounds like it has a lot in common with Cashern Sins so if you like the sound of this you might wanna check that out. It's slow paced though.
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Posted 9/16/17 , edited 9/17/17
not a show but a game, it sounds like the plot for Tales of Berseria
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