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Worst/Most Disappointing Anime You Have Watched in 2017? (Winter 2017-Fall 2017)

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35 / M / El Mirage, AZ
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
Man this is a hard topic to answer since I dont go into seasons with high expectations since I dont want to feel disappointed when it doesnt live up to my own hype. Personally I put every series I watch on the same level and they either stay at that same level or rise up to the buy category.

Its sort of hard to explain how I do things but thats the best I can do.
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26 / Mexico
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
For me:

Worst: Schoolgirl strickers, : No story, bad animation...

Most overrated: Eromanga sensei Just saw 3 chapters, to realize what i though when i heard bout it: "cheap oreimo"

Most disappointing: It's not that were disappointing, but i think those stories definetly need more chapters:
-Akashic records: Good animation, cute girls, but the story came to nothing
-Koi to Uso: the end make me feel more was required, so it ended kind of suddenly
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46 / M / Corpus Christi, T...
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
I've watched and enjoyed a lot of dumb, silly, trashy anime in my life. But I rarely encounter anime that actually insults me. Akashic Records achieved that. I honestly wish I could get the time back, and I'm a guy who can find something worthwhile in almost any series.

In one scene, the anime uses rape as a throwaway device to give the MC some hero points. I don't have a sense of humor about that crap. I almost bailed from the show right then and there, and regret not doing so.

Otherwise, none of the plot elements introduced were resolved or even moved forward by the end of the season, and the characters are almost entirely wasted in favor of cheap melodrama and lazy arcs in which the same thing is done over and over again.

Some of the action is good, some of the gags are fun, but none of that makes it worth the slog.
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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17

Hand Shakers- this just failed at...well, everything really
One Room & Room Mate- These were just hilariously bad Idk how I managed to sit through them.
Netsuzou Trap- It's trash, what else can I say? Thought now that it's done with, let's dispose of it.
18if- this whole show's just a mess, honestly.
Chronos Ruler- *yawn* Boring.

Most Dissapointing
Fate/Apocrypha- I don't care about any of the characters or the plot. The fight scenes are ok, but apart from that, this show is really mediocre.
Kado- This show started out great, but about 8-9 episodes in it just veered off track. There were so many cheesy lines added in there that I wasn't even sure that I was watching the same show anymore. And that ending was as confusing as hell.
Clockwork Planet- I wasn't expecting a great deal from this, but it just ended up being really bland. Even the Soramafu ending theme was meh (and I absolutely adore Soramafu. It was the only reason I watched it).
Rewrite 2nd season- Better than the 1st, at least, though I stopped caring about it halfway through
Kuzu no Honkai- I had been reading the manga for this for a while, but the anime really brought out its flaws to me. None of these characters have a life outside of their love life, and no one wants to see a pointless monologue during a sex scene. Also

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu- I really expected a lot more from this. It wasn't actually too bad, just lacklustre.
Yowamushi Pedal- This season was REALLY rushed compared to the previous seasons, which i loved.
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27 / F / Various
Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/24/17
Everything except for Marginal #4.

ACCA - the ending made no sense, see the discussion thread for why.

The Royal Tutor - ... so this was basically the same show as ACCA, except with the episode structure of a little kids' show (teaching life lessons).

Katsugeki TouRabu
- basically an emotionally distant version of Hanamaru (my favorite from last year), with only about 1/5 of the characters from the game, instead of ~2/3 in Hanamaru. The thing is, even though Hanamaru split its focus so much, it still gave each character more attention and depth than any of the characters in Katsugeki got.

Everything else, I dropped after one or two episodes.
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Posted 10/4/17 , edited 10/4/17
Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid

Interview with Monster Girls

Both 2/10

Only gave them a 2 because I don't want to be biased.
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Posted 8/14/18 , edited 8/15/18
Most disappointing would be Darling in the FranXX. Possibly the dumbest ending I have ever seen to an anime. Everything was fine until the final few episodes, where the plot takes a 180 and messes everything that has been built up to that point
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