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Post Reply Whos Excited for the new seasons of FLCL?
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Posted 9/21/17 , edited 9/21/17
I don't remember who I saw post something like this, but it made a lot of sense. We don't have to worry about them screwing up FLCL, because they are sequels and not a remake.

That being said, I'm nervously excited for the new seasons. I'm gonna have to get cable or something so I can watch it on adult swim!
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Posted 9/22/17 , edited 9/22/17

taknotesz wrote:

bootygorillanoise wrote:

I'm going to love it without a doubt. That and the remake of Kino's Journey.

yeah Im honestly too excited,
one new season was cool, but
two already announced is pretty awesome.
Kinos Journey?? ive never seen it thanks for the drop,
just looked into it and watched some videos and trailers
ill try to watch the old one before the new one comes out.

Kino's is a classic. Nakamura nailed it. He really had skill with the psychological genre and also nailed it in Lain.

I miss him. R.I.P.
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