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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17

RyukoKuroki wrote:

Cassini recently plummeted into Saturn, ending the 20 year mission to photograph and learn about the planet and its moons.

It took some amazing pictures of its voyage, and I wanted to share them with all of you. They're the sort of pictures that really make you think, about the beauty of space, the vast sizes, and the mysteries that still stretch before us.

Hats off to Cassini, and I hope you enjoy. This is a 100 picture compilation I recently read on the New York Times.

Link to Compilation here:

My favorite picture from Cassini is the one where you can see Earth between Saturn's rings. It hits home to know how small and insignificant our planet really is.

Space is so vast that it's terrifying. Just thinking about how big space actually is just blows my mind. Many of the stars that are billions of light years away from earth that have been seen by hubble and other telescopes may already be dead and gone. The light from those stars takes so long to reach us that all we are really seeing is an after image. It scares me to think about this stuff sometimes.
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