Post Reply Does anyone know if this show has been declared as canon with the original Soul Eater?
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Posted 9/20/17 , edited 9/21/17
As there were a number of interesting plot connections with the original show, I was just wondering if anyone that knows Japanese or has simply been keeping better track (of news regarding the show) than I have can answer this question. Thanks!
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Posted 10/6/17 , edited 10/6/17
I would like to assume so because its the same author writing another story in the same world with reoccurring characters, and places. however there is a lot more in the manga than there is in the anime. Asura doesn't die in the manga, stein and Marie have a kid. Also the ending to soul eater is not correct in the anime death the kid doesn't get to become the next "Shinigami" because Lord Death never actually died in the show. However, Death the kid promises never to make another death scythe if the war ends between witches and shibusen. This event is why soul earned the nickname "Death's last weapon". There's a lot that happens between the anime ,and manga this is what causes a lot of confusion when soul eater not comes about.
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