Post Reply possible error? Crunchyroll is charging 2x the price
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Posted 9/22/17 , edited 9/23/17

Crunchyroll is charging twice for the complete collection of Hello! Kiniro Mosaic!
Crunchyroll store sells the complete collection for $59.99 ($57.99 for premium), while Amazon sells for $31.09 and Sentai themselves sell the exact same product for $29.99.
the only difference i see is the cover design, but that alone doesn't justify the price.

something's not right.
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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
If you look at your last screenshot it appears to show the DVD is normally $49.98 but is on sale for $14.99. Meanwhile CR is selling the same producr for $49.99 without a sale.

Your screenshots don't give the pre-sale price for the Blu-ray but they are always more expensive than DVDs, so a pre-sale price around $59.99 would make sense.

This just appears to be a case of the two companies selling for a lower profit margin. Perhaps Amazon was able to order in bulk and secure a discount that CR can't match?
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
MidoriNoTora is pretty much correct.
Sentai has some sale on at the moment that's why their price is reduced.
Amazon does undercut other retailers and or maybe they want to clear some of their existing stock out. (try and see if it's the same price in a week)
Rightstuf has it for $44.99 and reduced to $34.99 with Promo: Sentai-17
So CR isn't the best but it isn't that far off non sale wise. Next time CR has a % off sale compare prices again.
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