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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/24/17
I went to a casino called Miami Valley Gaming with my Grandma. While we were at the buffet, I've decided to try the Birthday Cake Gelato. I took a bite and it tasted like water. What the what?! I have never heard of a birthday cake tasting like water. Kids would be disappointed if on their birthdays they don't have cake and ice cream. I blow candles on cake but i don't blow candles on a glass of water. The gelato was so disappointing..... so very disappointing. This birthday cake gelato will make any birthday party including sweet 16 embarassing. Miami Valley Gaming.... why? How could you? Who is trying ruin birthday parties? Team Rocket? Frieza? The black organization? Hisoka?

Miami Valley Gaming, for your birthday water gelato, out of ten pokeballs, i am giving you a half out of 10 because it should never be called birthday cake gelato, it suppose to be called the Birthday Water Gelato because it tasted like water.

Who are you, the Team Rocket of gelato, Miami Valley Gaming?

Kids want cake and ice cream on their birthday, not birthday water!

Would you celebrate birthday parties with cake and ice cream or a glass of water?
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