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Rating 8.5/10

Note: All reviews by Blackchain119 are based solely on the anime itself and ignores all related manga; if the story does not hold up in the anime, no matter what length it is, then they failed in their efforts to make an effective, engaging show.


While the content is visually bizarre to start, and the subject matter even overwhelming for some viewers, this show is an in depth study on the psychological aspects of what it means to be human.

The Good

Visuals: While definitely not an art choice for all viewers, it conveys the odd nature of the situation in both the comedic and horror aspects. In calm moments, the parasites can seem almost cute, while in heated exchange they can don the form of something from your deepest nightmares. The creatures are highly disturbing, but at times make you wonder if 'Humanity' is strictly a human construct, or if humans even follow their own creed.

Character Development: The characters are developed evenly early on, and while the final antagonist has a fairly stereotypical 'killer' overtone, the acts and monologues of the previous antagonists have more than enough development to allow for their simplicity to be overlooked. The main character struggles heavily with situations that one can easily sympathize, and his prioritized concerns emphasize in which ways his judgement is compromised and which he still feels a moral obligation as a member of the human race.

Story: The 'Walking Corpse' concept has always inspired fear in the majority of viewers, and here it is no exception. The very idea of having those around you that you trust and know intimately being hollow shells for a foreign entity is a frghtening notion. Well written, well connected, and above all well executed.

The Bad

Overtly Bizarre Visuals: While they do lend well to the story and the overall feel of worldly disconnection, the visual may be too odd or intense for some viewers. If the viewer's mind is open, and their constitution is strong for the maccabre, they are almost certain to enjoy this anime.

The Ugly

There were no problems that were heavily detrimental to the storyline or presentation.

Final Impressions

A fantastic show with strong elements of the visceral horror genre. This show parallels the American classic movie 'The Thing' for its powerful visual themes and delves deeply into the human psyche. The show has a deeply rooted moral and philosophical tone, and pushes the viewer to decide for themselves whether or not the acts of the parasytes are reprehensible acts or a simple predator-prey relationship. Overall, an extremely entertaining and thought-provoking series.
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